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We wrote a book! Now what?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

It took 5 minutes for us to write the book Goodnight Madison. Ben and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary 5 years ago at a cute little restaurant on East Wash that no longer exists. You know you've lived in a city a long time when you explain destinations by "the place that used to be ____ " We came up with the manuscript before our cocktails arrived to the table. And that was it. For 5 years!

Fast forward to April 1, 2019 with a recurring push from the heavens that we need to bring this to life. Share it with friends, family and the rest of town! And then everything started falling perfectly into place. All of a sudden I remembered the name of a wonderful artist I had met years ago, a friend suggested a fellow children's book author who put me in contact with a fantastic indie publisher, who happens to be a Madison native and a receptive community of destinations and businesses who were happy to be a part of the book.

So that's how it happened: Drinks, a long wait, collaboration, partnerships, and faith!

4th wedding anniversary at the Julep
We need to work on our selfies!



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