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Family Winter Break Activities

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

We rocked this winter break. A little background about me is that I used to run Ultrazone Laser Tag. For like 11 years, so I would see all the families coming through when school was out but I never got to enjoy these breaks with my kids. This year was different. As I have transitioned to an entrepreneur I finally have flexibility in my schedule. This year we did ALOT of winter and holiday themed adventures. Here's my recap!

This is an annual visit for us and one of my favorites during break! We love sharing this with friends and family (It was Auntie Carrie's first time)! Still not brave enough to sit on Santa's lap though. Shameless plug: Hopefully by next year Goodnight Madison will be in the gift shop! "Goodnight to the penguins and polar bears too!"

Skyzone is great for burning energy. I was impressed by how many new activities they have added since our last visit! It was insanely busy but a great way to get some exercise before a convenient lunch next door at Culver's! (Gunnar's favorite. Shocker I know!) If you have little's younger than 4 take advantage of their toddler time all winter long. It starts at 9am on Saturdays and 10am on Sundays. If you have little's your up anyway!

We are east siders so a visit to Dream Lanes in the neighborhood was perfect for an evening bowl with dad after work. Gunnar actually beat me and Colin in the first game!

We didn't have a lot of money when I was a kid so snow skiing was never an option for my sisters and I. In my early 20's I lived out west and tried a few times but always ended up bruised and sitting in the bar. I want to make sure our boys get to experience skiing and snowboarding as children so they can enjoy this awesome winter activity as they grow up and travel. Tyrol Basin was Gunnar's first time. I highly recommend doing private lessons for a first timer (which I didn't do). The instructor did great with the kids but there was a lot of standing and waiting. This was totally me not knowing so hopefully this helps anyone reading.

Pretty Capitol tour. I can't believed I have never done a real tour of the Capitol and dome before! It was super cool learning all the history of the building and walking around the top! The tree that was decorated with ornaments made from school children across the state was a real treat for the kiddos.

So that was our break sprinkled with a bunch of outdoor fun since the weather was so favorable this year!


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