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Madison date night - Axe Throwing

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Axe throwing is all the rage right now! I keep seeing it on social media from friends and families in other towns. My opinion - super fun thing to do and a great active date night.

We visited FlannelJax's on Madison's west side. The decor is buffalo plaid north-woods. They serve beer and snacks and have table top games like Jenga and Connect Four to play while you wait for your group to fill out the waivers. You are drinking and throwing sharp axes so waivers are a must!

I think that any time you have a date night activity that requires themed attire is a win. (Don't wear heals!) The guys loved their uniforms for the evening and it was fun going out to dinner ahead of time looking like matching lumberjacks.

Each lane is rented by the hour and can accommodate up to a group of 12. There were six of us, which was great, but we all agreed the more the merrier in this sport. We each had a lot of throws, helping to perfect our technique, but more friends would allow for more down time and more people to laugh at.

You get your own personal lumberjack/jill to teach you different game formats, technique, keep score and make sure no one cuts a limb off. (I'm being dramatic it's totally safe!) Our guy was great just make sure you think to bring cash for tipping!

FlannelJax's also offers crosscut sawing and thump the stump (hammerschlagen). The log cutting looked like more work than we were going for so no one in our group showed off their sawing skills but we did play hammerschlagen to end the night!

I highly recommend FlannelJax's in Madison, WI if you are looking for an adventurous date night with your crew.


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