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How to support a local author

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Bringing a book to life is not an easy thing and quite scary! (It's like having a baby without the weight gain and labor. Never mind I totally gained weight and slept like crap!) The financial commitment just to get that first copy printed can be in the thousands. Hiring an illustrator, deciding how to publish, hiring a publisher or editor, purchasing and creating a website, logo development, printing branded marketing materials, renting booth space at local vendor fairs and on and on! None of that includes the countless late night hours of preparation and research that go into learning, implementing and then finally marketing your book.

Lesson 1:

Only share your idea with your ideal demographic! Dumb-me had conversations with other business people I respect, who aren't from here and don't have kids. (NOT the demographic)! I was met with comments like "it's just a vanity book" or "something to only create for my boys" held me back. I was uncertain if we should invest in this venture but I believed in my heart that Goodnight Madison, would be enjoyed by every child, parent, auntie, uncle, grandparent, tourist with kids, and UW alumni who love Madison as much as we do!

So far it seems like I was right! Goodnight Madison is on shelves at:

Willy St. Coop - all 3 locations

Olbrich Gardens gift shop

UW Hospital and American Family Children's Hospital gift shops

And we've only physically had the books for 3 weeks!

There are many more locations throughout the city I would like to see the book and those locations have been contacted, recontacted and contacted again! (Memorial Union Terrace Store, Meriter and St. Mary's Hospital gift shop, Madison Mallard's store, Henry Vilas Zoo gift shop, and the Madison History Museum gift shop - I'm talking to you!!!) Yes it takes time, and no we don't profit very much from our book being sold by a 3rd party, but it is the best way for the masses to be exposed to the book and share it with the little people in their lives!

I have had some rejections from local stores, but the reception and excitement about Goodnight Madison has been way greater and for that I am so proud and thankful. We know we are never going to "get rich" writing a book but leaving a legacy for our boys (and breaking even) are the most important lessons we've taken out of this process!

If you are looking to pick up a copy of your own: support a store mentioned above, purchase it directly from us on the website, visit us at one of the many upcoming vendor fairs we will be at, buy it from your kids school when I come in to do a reading and author presentation (or mention to your kids school that I do interactive readings and presentations) or order it on Amazon to send to non-Madison residents.

However you get your copy we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting local authors and our dream of writing a children's book highlighting everything we love about Madison, Wisconsin!


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