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Goodnight Door County

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Because writing and publishing one book isn't enough! We created WiscKids Books with the full knowledge that we would write more books about Wisconsin. Book #2 is Goodnight Door County.

We were invited by our oldest friends, the Bialkowski's to come enjoy a weekend at a cabin in Fish Creek. How could we refuse? Well Colin's in the middle of his Junior year Varsity football career and not wanting to pass up this opportunity, Gunnar and I loaded the mom wagon and made the 3 hour drive north on our first mother/son adventure together leaving the big boys back in Madison for the weekend.

Starting at 180 minutes, Gunnar asked every 3-5 minutes how many MORE minutes until we'd be there! I knew this would be a LONG drive.

Our first stop on the book writing marathon weekend was The Farm. We both needed to stretch our legs. Baby goats and kittens are a perfect reset button.

We then had a gorgeous drive to the cabin in Fish Creek where our friends, and one of Donne's special margaritas, were waiting!

A book about Door County wouldn't be complete without a trip to an authentic fish boil so off to Pelletier's we went.

Pretty cool experience if you haven't been. Make sure to listen to the de-bone instructions. Unfortunately I didn't recall this important piece of information until poor Kelli commented on how bony it was. Oops!

Candy at the Confectionery....daily!

Sunset Beach Park in Fish Creek

Cana Island Tractor Ride

Cana Island Lighthouse was super high on my Door County wish list. You get to ride a tractor across Lake Michigan to an island lighthouse. How cool is that?!

The grounds were beautiful, however, I should have never climbed the tower with my fear of heights. The massive panic attack that occurred at the top has left Gunnar telling everyone "that's where mommy freaked out" every time he sees a lighthouse. Great memory!

It's taller than it looks! Don't climb if you're afraid of heights!

Next was on to Sister Bay for some lunch and cheese curds. Let's just say that where we picked for lunch was terrible so I won't be sharing that with you. There are a number of great restaurants, coffee shops, and ice cream parlors in Sister Bay. A fun stroll down the street for shopping, the lake and checking out the goats at Al Johnson's had to happen.

Enjoy the rest of our visit through the pictures below.

How did we forget paint when visiting Hardy Gallery? This is such a cool building of history and beautiful art.

No drive through Ephraim is complete without ice cream at Wilson's. The single scoop is HUGE. Split with a friend!

Ephraim's beautiful steeples. Such a picturesque little town.

Pebble beach. They are the perfect rocks for skipping. We collected a bunch for painting. The kids had a fun afternoon doing crafts with them.

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in Penninsula State Park. Learned my lesson at the last one. No need to climb!

Such a great trip! Goodnight Door County

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