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Experiential Shopping in Madison

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

One of the coolest things about the holiday season in Madison are the holiday markets and vendor fairs. As a new business owner, this year I am on the vending end of these fun and unique events. (Which means I get to get there early so I get to shop first!)

I love how we tie the culture of shopping and drinking together. That truly is an experience and one my husband will tolerate with me. We have distillery fairs, wine walks, brewery markets, winery pop ups, and a Black Friday pub crawl! For the more kid friendly holiday shopping experience there are school bazaars, and markets at area churches.

Madison prides itself on being about all things "local" and these holiday markets give us the opportunity to purchase unique pieces from local small business owners like myself. There is truly something for everyone on your shopping list. It may take a little bit of extra thought on your part but will be way more special to the person on the receiving end.

For the last couple years I have challenged my family to only give gifts that are purchased from a small local business, craft fairs or resale shops in their communities. This year's challenge is to not only to shop small but that our gifts have to be sustainable in nature.

Please swing by and say hi if you see Goodnight Madison at an upcoming fair. I am proud to say the book was written, illustrated, and published by women who are all from town!

Check out Facebook events for all of the cool markets in our area or click here

to see which events we will specifically be at!

Happy Shopping!


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