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6 places to eat with kids in Madison

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Dinner with kids is kind of a roller coaster experience from 0-10. Every new parent has experienced the complete bliss of a dinner out as a couple with a perfectly sleeping baby. We gaga over how precious they are and enjoy our dinner and drinks praising our parenting and how lucky we’ve got it.

Then there is the complete opposite time where baby can’t be consoled, a diaper explosion occurs, and someone was spit up on. We take turns walking baby around just to shut them up and hoover dinner as fast as possible to get out of the restaurant so that other guests can enjoy themselves.

Toddler time comes with a table whose mess is so significant a family of raccoons in a trash can are cleaner. And then there is the ultimate “give them your phone to appease them” action that we all take and punish ourselves internally for.

So, places we like to go out to eat where we feel we are the least intrusive are:

The Great Dane - any location is great. Their children’s menus is extensive. We always go with the chicken, rice and broccoli because it is the ONLY time we can get away from chicken tenders and fries.

Culvers - We are a bit biased to the Cottage Grove Rd location, being that big brother works there.

The Old Fashioned for brunch on the weekend is great. It’s so spacious, opens early, and has incredible waffles!

Parthenon Gyros on State St. for lunch. The rooftop is a hit for older toddlers and children. Their homegrown veggies and pretty flowers make for great conversation while you wait for your food to come out.

Monty’s Blue Plate Diner - since they are one of the few spots who do great breakfast daily our boys always go for french toast or pancakes.

ZuZu Cafe - Love the kid play spaces inside and out.


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