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4 Fourth of July Inspired Family Activities

The Fourth of July is upon us and looks quite a bit different this year. We will be missing Shake the Lake here in Madison and almost every firework display in the greater Milwaukee area has been cancelled. Don't let that stop you from creating different memories as we celebrate our nations birthday. Below are some fun activities for the whole family.

Firework paintings - take multiple toilet paper rolls, cut the edges dip into different color paints and make a collage. To save on mess use paper plates or newspaper to create your paint palette.

Sparkle rattles - empty clear soda bottle, fill with star confetti (or whatever sparkle confetti you have on hand) and vegetable oil. Shake to create your own sparkling display. This is a great activity for kids ages 3-6 years old and can be used as a calming bottle for littler ones. Add a glow stick and the sparkles continue into night time.

American flag inspired food. The possibilities are endless. Fruit salad, parfaits, cakes, caprese and shortcakes are all things little ones can help cut up and assemble. I've included a link to endless Pinterest inspiration. Pick what you love best.

Tie-dye shirts. There's no better photo op than a family in matching shirts. This of course takes a little bit of work and a quick run to your local craft store but it is a great keepsake for your kids. It's even better if you have the entire family together!

We hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.


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