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13 Market Inspired Homeschooling Activities

Spring is here, school is cancelled, and though we are still quarantined, there are many great homeschooling opportunities we can derive from our local farmer's and public markets. Here are 13 ideas:

  • Make an egg based breakfast - let your kids crack the eggs and save the shells to plant seeds indoor. I recommend bean seeds.

  • As these seeds grow your child can measure and track the growth on a seed chart. This simple activity highlights practical life skills while teaching writing, collecting data, measuring and patience.

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  • Plant a garden depending on your space in raised beds, pots, empty milk jugs or tin cans. You can grow flowers or veggies in whatever type of container you have on hand.

  • Youtube gardening books with your child. Start with Planting a Rainbow

  • Pour different seeds in a Tupperware or bowl and have your child separate them by variety (this can be done with canned beans or jelly beans if you don't have any seeds on hand)

  • Put numbers according to your child's ability of counting and have them sort the correct number using beans, or seeds.

  • Write number sentences or basic mathematics using beans and seeds.

  • Learn about colors - create a list of different color fruits and veggies

  • Create your own rainbow with whatever produce you have on hand and let your child sort them. Use colored construction paper, the written words red, orange etc., or just color on a sheet of white paper.

  • Vocabulary lessons: practice writing or recognizing letters with colored fruits and veggies (use the list you created)

  • Learn about size and weight: Again whatever produce you have in the house is fine. Sort by color and size. Discuss what they think the outcome will be and why. Have your child weigh and record their findings.

  • Create plant based meals together - older children can Pinterest search what ingredients you have in the house and pick a meal based on that.

  • Try exotic fruits and veggies. Again let the rainbow be your guide. Dragon fruit, papaya, jack fruit, etc. You can learn about these items on YouTube to understand ripeness and how to prepare them. (we made an incredible dessert using quince)

  • Support your local public market and farmers market. Many have drive through and pick up options. Our public markets have such incredible small restaurants, a lot of which are collaborating during this time. Try flavors and foods you haven't tasted before. Smaller markets are opening up just be respectful with your social distancing.

I hope some of these activities will be useful to you and your kiddos. Inspired by the Dane County Farmer's Market and the Milwaukee Public Market as seen in Goodnight Madison and Goodnight Milwaukee. This is a continued series of homeschooling activities based on the locations in the books. We call it Field Trip Friday in our home. This is a fantastic way to blend familiar destinations through experience based learning.


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