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10 Festival Inspired Activities For Kids

Milwaukee and Madison are home to some incredible festivals, fairs and events. Summerfest, Brat Fest, Irish Fest, Shake the Lake, La Fette De Marquette to name just a few. It seems like every week these great cities play host to some of the most diverse and rocking events.

Sadly 2020 is a festival free year. With this years events being cancelled we wanted to share some ideas of activities you could do with your family to keep the party going!

Create your own “festival” at home:

  • Make your favorite festival food - think of Milwaukee's many ethnic festivals. Irish, German, Italian, etc. This could be a weekly theme. (I know we are going to be missing corned beef and cabbage egg rolls this year).

  • Recreate the "Highlands Games" in your back yard. Click here for the kid friendly version.

  • Play corresponding music with whichever theme you pick or practice your Irish dance steps.

  • If your household is musically inclined host a concert or jam session. Preform at a social distance for friends and neighbors or go virtual with it.

  • Host your own Summerfest and play music from each band that was scheduled to play this year.

  • Make cream puffs. Did you know that over 400,000 cream puffs are sold at the Wisconsin State Fair in 11 days?! Be sure to share photos with us so we can drool over your creations.

  • Backyard carnival! Partner with some friends and family. Most of these games can be enjoyed at a distance but still allow for a small gathering.

  • Create a playlist (could be themed, could be Summerfest bands) but really just of whatever makes your family happy. Even young children can tell Alexa to add songs to a playlist.

  • Do a Tik Tok challenge or video of your little ones dancing to their favorite song.

  • Watch youtube videos of concerts from your favorite performers and have a family dance party.

I hope these activities will be useful to you and your family and keep everyone dancing. Inspired by the wonderful events and festivals as seen in Goodnight Madison and Goodnight Milwaukee. This is a continued series of activities based on the locations in the books.

What summer events are tradition in your house? Please share with @WiscKids_Books on FB and Instagram. We will miss seeing you at these great events this summer.


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